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Grave Days is a Survival Roguelite game, set in the Zombie Apocalypse. It thrusts you into chaotic situations where you need to make quick decisions on your feet! The important question during each encounter is fight or flight? The answer to which depends on your play-style, and the exact situation you found yourself in!

Grave Days brings together the Roguelite and Zombie Survival genres to set itself apart from the typical Zombie Survival game. It’s fast-paced and action-packed. It takes inspiration from games such as Streets of Rogue, Death Road to Canada and Project Zomboid.

In the current alpha of Grave Days, you play as the not-so-super hero of a Zombie Apocalypse comic book, affectionately nicknamed Grave Dave. You will set out on a series of expeditions of ever-increasing difficulty in procedurally generated worlds. You will explore, scavenge, sneak, fight and escape from sticky situations, as you work your way through each town to finish your objectives. You will earn XP and level up to become stronger, craft new weapons, items and medicine, cook food and carefully plan out what to take with you on your next expedition!

As you attempt to make it through all expeditions, you will unlock new classes - such as Athletes, Soldiers and Doctors - which will allow you to experiment with new playstyles to find what suits you best!

We invite you to join our community, and share your ideas and feedback with us! We look forward to hearing from you!


Early Access

Please note that this is an  alpha development build.  A lot will stilel change.  There are some important core mechanics that will still be completely revamped or implemented in the coming months. Your early support in the game will help ensure that better quality of the end product, especially in terms of audio and visual assets - and in exchange you can join us on the exciting journey and give your input during the development on this world.

Current Features

  • Zombie Survival with hunger, bleeding, zombie disease and fevers
  • Procedurally generated environment, towns and buildings with loot, including rare items that give permanent buffs, equipment, weapons, medicines and ingredients for many craftable recipes.
  • Crafting with different work stations. 
  • Sneaking around in the dark, with zombies relying on their senses of sight and sound to detect you. They are particularly sensitive to noise.
  • Day / night cycle
  • Weather system
  • Beginnings of a roguelite system - Permadeath, procedurally generated worlds, and the ability to unlock new classes with different play styles.

Download demo

grave-days-osx-updated.zip 208 MB
Version alpha-0.22.0
grave-days-win-updated.zip 204 MB
Version alpha-0.22.0
grave-days-linux-updated.zip 211 MB
Version alpha-0.22.0
grave-days-osx-free.zip 207 MB
Version alpha-0.21.0

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I Love this Game!!

Downloaded the current build (0.21.0) and tried it but it gets stuck on this screen and then it goes into 'Not Responding'.

(1 edit)


Which version of Windows are you on?

Thanks for the report

On Windows 7. 

Ok, thanks. Have you played an older version before, and did it work?

Are you on discord? It could be useful for me to get your log files - so I can talk you through the steps on discord. I have a couple of things I can try to hopefully fix the problem.   https://discord.gg/RcVFtEw

Sorry about the problems. It's quite frustrating for me. You arent the first Windows 7 user to have problems, and I think it might be due to some Unity bugs. Do you ever have issues with other Unity games?


Hey. That was the first build I tried, nothing before that. And yes, I have had some issues recently, good ol' crashes. 
I added the output_log here (Uploadfiles.io link) , maybe that will help. If you need more/other files I'll join Discord. The thing with Discord is that it can be distracting so I don't use it that much. :) 


Ok, thanks for the log file!


Hello i just got this game recently and i can't wait for cool features this game is already really fun ;) nice work!!!


Hi I never noticed this comment! Thanks for the encouraging words. More to come :)


No worries :)