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Relive the Apocalypse - Retell your story.


Grave Days is a game about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. The game emphasises contrasts.  It focuses more on action-packed fun rather than strategic-realism in terms of gameplay, though is still a survival game rather than a shooter. During the day, it is more of a typical survival game with building, crafting and exploration  - whereas at night, it turns into an atmospheric horror. It tells the  story of a survivor named Grave Dave, and his struggles in a world where society has collapsed under the weight of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Stealth & Scavenge

In this post apocalyptic world you will find yourself in short supply of just about everything - food, ammo, medicine and friends. Rather than shooting and making a racket, you need to stealthily scavenge the procedurally generated cities and towns for loot - vital to your survival - and you need to conserve your bullets for that moment when you really need it!

Starving Grave Dave

Zombies, Disease and Distrust

Zombies themselves are fairly weak - but their threat is persistent and daunting. You can easily take them out with a well aimed bullet, but doing so might just serve to attract a horde - and you need to be certain you are prepared.

Worse than the individual zombies themselves are the disease they carry - which can spread to survivors through bites and scratches. This disease triggers bad fevers, and makes survival in an already unforgiving environment even harder. Though there is hope: suppressants can keep the disease at bay, and cures could eradicate the disease from your system entirely - if only you could find it!

Worse still, is the threat they present to society. Since the outbreak, society has completely collapsed and there is a great amount of distrust amongst individuals as everyone fights for their own survival. You will have to deal with distrusting survivors in a world where team work is almost essential - while looking for ways to exploit others to better your own chances without making too many enemies. You will be faced with moral dilemmas where you may be forced to use your last bullet on an acquaintance, or perhaps even a friend, to ensure your escape.

Base Building

With survival being the core of Grave Days, it may suit a survivor's strategy to build a base, which can provide safety, a place to stockpile loot - and a home to recoup and plan expeditions into the dangerous streets of the island's towns.

Bases include crafting tables, hydroponics to grow food, places to cook and traps to fend off the advances of the incoming hordes.

Evolving Roguelite Story

The player will unravel Dave's story - which may include becoming a fearless and respected leader of a gang of survivors - or it may be the story of a lone wolf mercenary and trader in a world where ammo is the currency. This story will be different every time. The game is hard and unforgiving - but shines a light of hope in the form of progression. Every play-through allows you to unlock new classes of loot and new survivors - and alter the world in ways that are meaningful to your progression. Perhaps one day you can lead Dave to finding and eradicating the source of the disease - but only time will tell! 

Early Access

Please note that this is a very early alpha development build. It does however demonstrate the core feel of the game.  The above description is the game envisioned as a final product, and for the most part, does not reflect the current state of the game.  Your early support in the game will help ensure that better quality of the end product, especially in terms of audio and visual assets - and in exchange you can join us on the exciting journey and give your input during the development on this world.

If you'd like to talk to us or the rest of the community -  please join our public discord server: https://discord.gg/RcVFtEw


While tutorials and UI is still lacking and some other polish is missing, these tips will have to suffice:

  • Open your menu to view and remap Controls!
  • Try to not be seen. Just be sensible. Try to keep a good distance, don't sprint nearby zombies. Take small steps if you can, try to break line of sight and don't shine your flashlight on the zombies. Your aura will turn blue when you are stealthy.
  • You can outrun zombies by quickly cutting many corners - also push through and punch frantically when surrounded.
  • When bleeding, use bandages sooner rather than later.
  • Remember to eat.
  • If you are infected or have fevers, take cures or suppressants.

Current Features

  • Zombie Survival with hunger, bleeding, zombie disease and fevers
  • Procedurally generated environment, towns and buildings with loot, including rare items that give permanent buffs, equipment, weapons, medicines and ingredients for many craftable recipes.
  • Crafting with different work stations. Early base building features.
  • Sneaking around in the dark, with zombies relying on their senses of sight and sound to detect you. They are particularly sensitive to noise.
  • Day / night cycle
  • Weather system
  • Beginnings of a roguelite system - You can upgrade new survivors with perks / traits by spending points on them gained from surviving as long as possible.

Planned Features

  • Better base and camp building, with traps
  • Better world generation with themed towns and buildings, and more furniture
  • More craftable items
  • Roguelite features: Random levels with some persistent unlocks during replays
  • Survivors: Trading, recruiting, betraying and questing
  • Special and boss zombies
  • Missions and end-game objectives
  • An up-to-date, vaguely-worded planned features board is available here: https://trello.com/b/njwXwBNd/grave-days-main-board
  • Better visuals including more upgrades to the lighting system and weather systems.
  • More audio variety and music.
  • Character customisation


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Version alpha-0.20.0
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Version alpha-0.20.0

Early Access Rewards

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Named Survivor Reward

For supporting me this early on in development, I will name the first survivors after you. Real names would be preferred, but nicknames will work too, within certain reasonable limits (the nicknames don't contain special characters or numerals, for instance "Kameleon" vs Kam3l30n" - and limits on profanities and other names that might be silly or don't fit the game).

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Hello i just got this game recently and i can't wait for cool features this game is already really fun ;) nice work!!!

Hi I never noticed this comment! Thanks for the encouraging words. More to come :)

No worries :)