Grave Days Development Roadmap

What follows is a short to medium term roadmap of planned major release updates for the free alpha version of Grave Days.

Alpha 0.2.0 - The Cause & Effect update

For this update I would like to focus on the feel of the controls and at least try out some experimental changes to try and make some of the controls less clunky. Furthermore, I will add new gameplay features that will move the threat of encounters with zombies from something that is rather immediate to something that is longer term. I might also tweak difficulty parameters as I deem necessary.

Input changes:

  • Add aiming line of sight to assist with player aim when using analogue sticks on controllers.
  • Perhaps start experimenting with aim assist when using controllers.
  • Experiment with changes to make keyboard + mouse controls less clunky when moving and looking around. Try out always making the player face towards the cursor.

Gameplay changes:

  • Make zombies attack slower
  • Zombies get stunned for longer when struck
  • Make zombies a little easier to kill by hitting them
  • Zombies no longer feel like a solid wall when running against them, which allows a player to push through a horde of them and try and make an escape. Getting surrounded by a few zombies no longer mean instant death.
  • Getting attacked by a zombie has a change of causing a player to contract zombie fever. Zombie fever will trigger random bouts of fever attacks which impairs movement, causes bleeding, drains health and perhaps more.
  • Add chests to randomly generated buildings with loot.
  • Add medicines to the chests which suppress zombie fever symptoms, but does not cure it.
  • Add rare cures that treat zombie fever.

Alpha 0.30 - Let There Be Prettier and Faster Light update

This release will focus on optimising the visibility field and completely fixing the jittering caused at edges of the shadows / visibility field. I am confident my fixes will resolve the issue and give a decent boost to performance at the same time - I just need to get around to implementing it. Furthermore, I will add blurring to the edges of the "shadows" / visibility field - and experiment with blurring terrain that is darkened out within the visibility field (well, the places that AREN'T visible).

Alpha 0.40 - The Curvy Curves & World Generation update

This update will focus on better world generation. The first technical challenge here will be to implement dynamic generation of curvy paths. Straight paths as they are currently implemented are much easier. I think I know how to implement these, so once I get around to them I can implement some towns with random buildings, trees and roads going through them.

Here I will also restructure some of the random building generator code which is a bit of a mess currently, but should make future development work here smoother, and hopefully fix some buggy artefacts in the generated buildings such as fake/obstructed doors.

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