Grave Days alpha 0.20 Ready for testing!

I previously referred to this as the cause & effect update, which vaguely implied that I was going to make small changes to the input and then also some core game play changes. Refer to my previous roadmap for details: Roadmap

I've gotten around to most of these, with the exception of adding chests with random loot to buildings. I also omitted aim assist for controllers, but have implemented a temporarily ugly (and experimental) line of sight / aim line to help players with controllers land hits a bit more easily. Aiming with analogue sticks are not my forte. 

Aim line

This update includes:

  • Zombies can now be pushed out of the way much more easily, especially when combined with punching. If you are surrounded by zombies now without ammo it is no longer certain death.
  • Zombies attack slower,  are easier to kill, and are stunned longer. Additionally there's a bit of stun immunity on the player once the are stunned to prevent them from being perma-stunned by the zombies.
  • Changes to sneaking / visibility. It is a bit easier to sneak past zombies in all lightning conditions, however, they get angry much more quickly when you shine your flashlight on them and the effect is greater over longer distances than before.
  • The player's aura now pulses when damaged instead of just being solid red, and also becomes a shade of green when experiencing a zombie fever attack.

  • When attacked, there is a chance of becoming infected with zombie disease. Disease will progressively become worse over time and even faster if attacked by more zombies. The disease will trigger fits of zombie fever, which will damage the player, cause bleeding, impair movement (random stuns and unable to sprint), and prevent the player from regenerating health. The fit will end by itself or be stopped by a suppressant.
  • Suppressants   were added, which can be used by the player to stop a fit of zombie fever, and also reduce the strength of the infection over all. Taking a suppressant while the infection is still weak (or taking many when its strong) will for the moment cure the disease - though this will be changed in the future.

  • Changed keyboard and mouse movement behaviour. The player will now always face the cursor when using the cursor, otherwise facing direction will revert to the movement direction dictated by the WASD keys.
  • Experimental movement for keyboard and mouse tested for sprinting. When you hold shift to sprint while holding right mouse button, you will sprint towards the cursor.
  • General difficulty changes. The game is a lot easier now, probably too easy. Waiting for some feedback.
  • Starting menu.
  • Added bonus: When in game, press ESC to be able to remap all keys for both keyboard and controllers. This should solve any input mapping issues anyone might have. Unfortunately it doesn't pause the game yet, and you will also shoot when clicking any buttons on the menu as a buggy side-effect, so rather do your remapping at the start of the game so that you can immediately restart. (ALT - F4 is still the recommended way to quit).
  • There's some poster art included in the download.


Grave Days alpha 0.2.0 (Windows).zip 46 MB
Mar 15, 2018
Grave Days alpha 0.2.0 (Linux).zip 53 MB
Mar 15, 2018
Grave Days alpha 0.2.0 (Mac).zip 51 MB
Mar 15, 2018

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