Grave Days Lighting Update is here!

The Lighting update is here! 

Along with the lighting and vision system-related changes, there's some other changes that I'd like to discus too.

The Vision system has been optimised, stabilised (no more jitters!) and blurred around the edges to give it a new smooth look. Overall, I am happy with the results. Shortly after finishing up this feature, I had thought of a completely new approach to the lighting - one which will look identical, but run much much faster. Though I will push this idea out to a time where it is necessary. First, I will start working on local co-op - which could put more stress on low end PCs so I'll wait to see if this is necessary.

Besides the lighting update, I've also quickly hacked together a temporary HUD

On the HUD, you can see your health, hunger, stamina bar and how much of each consumable you have. Your health hearts will also subtly indicate when you are bleeding - and become green when you are experiencing a fever attack. So remember to pop a suppressant to keep the fever at bay.

That's it for the major changes - there are others, though they are probably not worth mentioning. Next up, I will start working on loot chests / boxes, with the usual consumables, guns and new melee weapons. I'll also include new collectable magazines and comics, which will give your character a few small, but permanent boosts / buffs.

Finally, I have also changed up the keyboard and mouse controls again. There are the standard WASD controls for Up / Down / Left / Right movement, and right click to run towards the cursor. There was an additional key added that by default is mapped to "Q", which will let you continue moving in a straight line while still enabling you to look around easily while shooting or punching.

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Version 0.3.0 Mar 21, 2018

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