Grave Days: chests & inventory update is here!

The new update is ready which focuses on adding chests and inventories, and a few items. I've integrated a plugin that does most of the work, though unfortunately there were a bunch of bugs and incompatibility issues that I needed to sort out. On the usability said there are still a few improvements that can and should be done, but the menus are functional for now.

Now that an inventory has been introduced, you will likely run out of inventory space and will need to pick a building with a chest as your base, which you could use to store things in while you go out scavenging for more. I need to add more items to add some more depth to this, but for now, 2 new items have been added:

  • A gun (Glock) which you need in order to shoot. If you don't have this in your inventory you won't be able to shoot. It's still pretty easy to find one since many chests will have one. Though there is no point in carrying more than one.
  • Cures. Cures will completely purge you from zombie flu (infection) and will also stop any infections if you currently have one. You can no longer be cured by suppressants at all. They now just stop fevers.

I've also integrated a brand new input remapping system which works a lot better than the previous one I used. It's a lot clearer which are available to be used too.

Stayed tuned for the next update in probably about 2 to 4 weeks, which will focus on improving the level generation.

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Version 0.4.2 Mar 28, 2018 56 MB
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Version 0.4.2 Mar 28, 2018

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