Grave Days alpha 0.5.0 is here!

I have finished development of alpha 0.5.0. This update includes major changes to the world generation and now includes procedural generation of the environment, towns and buildings. In future version I will iterate on this and add more depth to the generated towns and buildings to make them more unique.

Other changes:

  • Rare magazines and comics that you can read for permanent stat boosts
  • Small improvements to inventory UI
  • Fully tile based world, with support for overlapping tiles.
  • Updated to Unity 2018 beta, which has new performance related features - though this might cause crashes and instability so I might have to revert if this does not get solved.

What's next?

The next update for Grave Days will give the player a reason to set up shop in one place, and start building a base. It will feature the first elements of base building and crafting.

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Version 0.5.0 Apr 12, 2018 56 MB
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Version 0.4.2 Apr 12, 2018

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