Grave Days alpha 0.9.0 has arrived!

Grave Days version 0.9.0 alpha has been released and contains a whole bunch of new features and improvements.

 To start with, it contains a new traits / perks tree which you can use to customise survivors at the start of a new game, using points earned for each day of surviving in a previous game.

Next, we've added fire bins which give off a warm flickering light, and which you can use to cook food on.

We've added a bunch of new crafting recipes and places to scavenge items from, including many new food options.



Grave Days alpha 0.8.5 Windows (free alpha).zip 52 MB
Jul 10, 2018
Grave Days alpha 0.8.5 Linux (free alpha).zip 70 MB
Jul 10, 2018 211 MB
Version 0.9.0 Jul 31, 2018 130 MB
Version 0.9.0 Jul 31, 2018 207 MB
Version 0.9.0 Jul 31, 2018


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Hello cool game is it out soon?

Hi & thanks for the comment! We are pushing for a very big update by end of April - which will be our official Early Access launch (leaving the prototype stage).  We are in the process of redoing all the artwork, audio and music design of the game to something much better. There will also be many new features and a redesign of the menus and UI systems.

Sweet thanks ;D